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LEI Christmas Holiday Greetings Cards Collection

100% of the profits from the sale of these exclusive greeting cards goes to the Lao Elephant Initiative (LEI) which promotes the ethical, humane treatment and wellbeing of both captive and wild Asian elephants through education, community partnerships, and innovative preservation strategies.

LEI's work involves a range of conservation and environmental initiatives, including their captive elephant welfare project, and their support of wild elephant populations in a National Biodiversity Conservation Area (NBCA).

To learn more about their vital work and some the elephants the LEI support, please visit: or

(Home to elephants Samnouk, Gao, Nuann, Mahn, Tu, Tong Kuhn, Kahm Mee, Moan, Kahm, Boon Tem, Paeng, Bung Un

and Baby Kit).

All designs are @FloofandFlump Designs.

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